How to Make Money from Social Networking Sites

You can earn money from Social networking sites. All the hard work that put on making your social site presentable could actually pay you money. There are sites allow you to become part of their community at the same time pay you for doing so:

1. – this community loves anything newsworthy – from opinion to investigative reporting to news reporting. They pay 90% of the advertising revenue based on page views to members.

2. – you can earn from social networks by just creating a profile. You get a share of revenue ads generated from your site.

3. – contribute to Rate It All and you get a share of the advertising revenue.

4. – this is one way to earn from social networks – create and share content to the rest of the community and get paid.

5. – you get paid by just signing up, starting or commenting on discussions. They pay through paypal.

6. – a global community of entrepreneurs, small business owners and home-based business owners for business promotions, ideas and strategies sharing. You get paid 70% of revenues earned.

7. – share your travel diary. If you sign up as a travel guide you earn from your advertising thru your Google Adsense ID.

8. – this is one way to earn from social networks. Yuwie allows you to create profiles, share them to your friends and earn from the advertisements.

9. – just like any social networking site except that you earn money from advertisements in your profile.

10. – this lets you earn from social networks by sharing 100% of ad revenue from contributed content.

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