How to Make Someone Feel Loved

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To make someone feel loved, you need to understand the languages of love. There are 5 languages of love according to studies. The object of your affection usually responds to the language that appeals to him or her the most. They will come to believe that you truly love them once they see you do one or a couple of these things:

1. Spending time – this is the first language of love. To make someone feel loved, you need to spend time with them. Some people respond well to you thru this way. They can easily understand your love language if you find the time to be with them. It is not necessarily the quantity of time but quality time. Quality time is spending time with the loved ones, even just a few minutes a day, affirming your love to them by words or actions or even sharing comfortable silence. Indeed, silence could speak volumes. Show your love by making them feel loved every time you spend with them and they will love you all the more for it.

2. Service – this is the second language of love. To make someone feel loved thru service it is not necessary to do over-the-top, grand kind of service. Service is simply helping a loved one. It could be carrying the luggages for her or him. The shopping bags. Running errands. Picking up the laundry on the way home. Opening the door. Making a cup of coffee. Anything, even the simplest things that make life a bit comfortable for him or her. Some people appreciate these more than diamonds or other expensive things. So don’t forget service as a way of expressing love.

3. Physical touch – third language of love. Your loved one could be the kind who loves holding hands, kissing, touching the arm, hugging, etc., etc. The etcs. mean I am giving you room to be creative. Let’s face it touch is one of the most basic love language. Who doesn’t want to be hugged or kissed or to hold hands with someone? But some people want it more or at a higher degree than others. So if your loved one prefers physical touch as an expression of love, it doesnt hurt to hug or kiss her/him everyday.

4. Communication – they say communication is the lifeblood of every relationship. It’s true. It can either create havoc or bliss on your relationships. Some of our loved ones prefer communication as a way of demonstrating our love to them. They love to hear ‘ i love you’ or be told that they are beautiful or that you love them just the way they are. A few words from you could feed their hunger for love. So, communicate LOVE. Say it. Don’t let the person go on guessing. They might not respond to actions or gifts. But simple ‘ i love you’ could do the trick!

5. Giving gifts – to make someone feel loved it is sometimes essential to give gifts. Some people’s love language is receiving gifts. Gifts need not be expensive. Anything you give them is highly appreciated as long as it comes from the heart. If this is the language of the one you love, then it will be a good idea to shower her/him with gifts daily. Surprise your loved one with small packages put in her closet or in the car.


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