How to Use the Mind to Grow Rich

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One of man’s aspirations is to grow rich. Man’s quest for wealth and financial freedom has always been the center of struggles and aspirations. The need for financial security goes beyond mere luxury. It is in consonance with our instinct for survival. Being able to afford the basic necessities – food, clothing and shelter – gives us the freedom to aspire for greater things in life. In the search for wealth, man has tapped into inner resources to reach their goals. One important way to become rich is to tap mental prowess. The mind offers an unlimited resource for success. We can employ the mind to attain financial success.

1. Think and succeed. This is the foundation formula of success in a nutshell. Let’s face it without a basic foundation, nothing will be attained. What it entails though is anything but simple. Learning how to think and grow rich through mental efforts require discipline, persistence and a lot of faith.

2. Mental Faith. Faith is at the heart of this whole exercise. Belief serves as the foundation or building blocks with which to create the wealth. Without faith, it will be hard to manifest the desires or persist in going after the goal. Faith means knowing for certain what one doesn’t really know for sure. It is relying on instincts or intuition. The reality is first formed in the mind before it will be actualized. It does not require proof. Reality may paint a different picture but faith does not allow it to mar its aspirations. Even if others are saying what you want is impossible – have faith. Don’t give up what you believe in. And the forces of the universe will one day come to your aid and help you attain wealth. Don’t force yourself to believe. Force is counterproductive. It will not help you. Belief must come from the heart.

3. Imagination. This is an important mental tool to use the mind to grow rich. Having a definite goal in mind complete with the littlest details will surely aid our efforts and will gear it towards the right direction. Visualize where you want to go, what you want to attain. Be very specific. Again, visualization will work if you couple it with faith. So believe that what you mind can conceive, you will achieve.

4. Persistence. This is another key on learning how to use the mind to grow rich. Sometimes goals take a long time to accomplish. There will be obstacles along the way. Not only that, the path to success is littered with failures. Most people find it easier to just give up the fight and accept defeat. Persistence, though, helps us to prod on despite the difficulties ahead. Some takes years to master a craft. Others take a few days. The degree of success is measured by how long we travel and how much we overcome to get to the destination. The most difficult feat often gets the most accolades. So persist. Don’t give up on your dreams. Once you do, you also end up the possibility of attaining it. Sometimes you may not achieve the goal completely but you won’t end up with mud either. You are better off than when you first started because you made progress.

5. Discipline. This is the binding force when we use the mind to grow rich. Discipline unites the above-mentioned traits to utilize them to a common goal. Without discipline it will be hard to persist, to use the imagination and to have faith. Discipline enables one to focus on the tasks at hand with the end in mind. The most highly-accomplished people are often the most disciplined. Learn from them.


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