How to Make Money from Text Services

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1. Apply for one of the services. Even if you are not from UK you can earn additional income from text services through the three main text answering services in the UK are AQA (Any Question Answered) 63336, ANSA 87199, and Texperts 66000. For every 10 applicants only 1 gets accepted.

2. For ANSA: Register online with ANSA thru their website You will be tested on your ability to answer questions so be ready. Once accepted, you will become an apprentice researcher and all of your answers will be checked by the admin team. Later, you will respond directly to questions.

3. For Texperts: You need to take a test in maths, English, and general knowledge. If you do really well you will be asked to provide your details and Texperts will contact you on how you become a part of the team. Take the Texpert challenge now at to see if you’re good enough to be a Texpert researcher.

4. For AQA: Send an email to quoting the reference UK – IB/FR/UK1 if you are based in the UK. Information about the work, application form and test will be sent to you. If you pass the test, you will answer several questions. A mentor will check your answers for editorial policy and style. When you pass the check, you can begin answering questions.

5. Becoming a Researcher When you have passed the test need to download a system software and create a username and password. This will allow you to access forums, database of answers, access to senior researchers and the long lists of questions that need answering.

6. Answering Questions. To earn additional income through text services, you must answer the text question within 10 minutes but most answer it within 1 minute. If you cannot answer the question, you can just put it back in queue for other experts.

7. Where to Get the Answers. The service database contains ready answers which you can choose from. Just choose the most suitable answer. You can also use the net. Or ask other members in the forum for answers.

8. How to Answer Questions. Answers must fit the 160-character text limit. Each service has policies about the types of questions it cannot or will not answer. For instance ANSA has guidelines regarding how to respond to questions about drugs and terrorism.

9.  How much can you make? AQA pays £.30 per question you answer. ANSA pays £.10 per answer, and a further £.05 for each time your answer is used. Texperts pay £.30 per answer. They pay directly to your account at the end of each month.


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