Work Home Job Idea: Bingo Chat Moderator

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A bingo CM (chat moderator), is someone who monitors a chat room and ensures that everyone in the online bingo chat room feels welcome and has fun. Whenever you enter a chat room, these people greets you, answers questions, and provides friendly assistance to the players.

If you would are interested in becoming a Chat Moderator, you can email your resume to the online bingo managers. This is not something you have to have experience for although some bingo sites may require it. You can highlight your online experience on your resume and in your cover letter mention how familiar you are with online bingo playing. You can also detail how muti-tasked through mulitple windows online easily. Detail your typing speed and if you have customer service experience, how friendly and outgoing you are with people.This may be something that gets you in the door. You can also go to a few bingo sites, play some games, and question the chat mod on duty about employment or how they got to become one. I’m sure that’ll give you a few ideas.

It’s always a good thing to organize your search and compile a list of sites that you are going to submit to. Remember to look on the site to search for job openings. Once you submit your resume, if you do not hear anything, send a follow up email within two weeks and your resume again a month later. You want them to know you are persistent and that when an opening for a position comes, your resume should be considered above all others.

Finally here are some websites that may be a good starter to your Bingo Chat Moderator search:


This site is the largest online Bingo directory with hundreds of Bingo listings.


Has a job board with listings.


Also has job board with listings.


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