Are Movies Getting Less Interesting?

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This is a good question which I always thought of. Are Movies Getting Less Interesting?’

I’m afraid I have to agree that movies are getting less interesting. From my point of view, movies were much better in the past.

Yet there have been a mix of good and bad movies. But not always are they fully positive in front of people’s eyes. It can be a bit of the opposite too!

Some of the best movies I have watched before are not always liked by everyone. At least one person hates your movie that you think is best. Even critics give a lot of negative information regarding the movie.

The fact you need to remember is that everyone likes what they want to like. So be it the classic 1950 movies.

I enjoy many film genres such as horror and thriller. But it doesn’t mean everyone will like these genres. My niece always complains to me about watching horror movies because she is too afraid. She hates watching horror movies. But she enjoys High School Musical. In fact, High School Musical is her best movie out of everything. But I hate it because I think its boring. Yet, High School Musical a very popular movie and I was surprised despite that fact that they worked really hard.

So you see? Everyone has a right to choose their type of movie they enjoy.

Even though the technology today is splendid. Many people don’t find enough movies interesting. Yet it is hard to create something totally fresh. Movie watchers don’t want to watch a movie similar to something else.

These days, I have seen that movies are changing. There are several things that movies are including now than they did before. Below are a few things:

Sexual activity

As years have gone by, nudity has increased in many movies. Although, back in he 70’s, there were quite a few movies with nudity. But now, this has increased so much that nearly in all movies that rate above 15 have a fair bit of nudity in them.


Ok I don’t know if you will agree with me but I believe that humour has changed as well. People think a lot of stuff could be funny. But as years have gone, humour has changed dramatically. Before, a lot of people laughed at things which no one even finds funny today.

Here is an example:

Many centuries ago, people laughed at comments such as this:

My pants ain’t catching any men!

Yes I know your not laughing! You think its not funny? Well it probably was once upon a time!

And now in 2008, people laugh a lot regarding sex. Yes it is true! When I am in college, my friends always make comments about sex. And they all laugh too much. Ok I admit I laugh as well! But you see? Humour has always something new! And continue to change as time progresses.

So I think movies will change too! With all the technology and stuff, they should! But will movies improve? Who knows?

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