How to Make a Video Inventory of Your Home For Insurance Claims

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There are times in which being prepared is such a crucial thing, and can be so helpful in the event of an emergency.  In the event of a fire, tornado, theft, or any other disaster that may hit your home and your personal belongings,it’s a good idea to be on top of your recordkeeping before the incident occurs.  One of those steps involved in being prepared is to have an accurate inventory of what resides in your home.  Here are the steps to create an effective and helpful video inventory of your humble abode.

Step 1
First, you’ll want to get access to a video camera.  Whether you already have one, decide to purchase one, or borrow from a friend, just make sure that the battery for the camera is charged and you have media to save the video onto (CD, DVD, tape, whichever your camera takes).  Once you have that together, you’re ready to start videotaping!

Step 2
Next, you’ll want to go room by room.  Start at the entryway of your home.  Be sure to video tape the floors (for rugs, carpeting, loose toys from the kids) all the way up to the ceilings (expensive antique chandeleir, maybe?) and along all walls.  Have your spouse (or yourself) with you to point out the cost of any special valuables on display.

Step 3
Before you leave each room, make sure you open all drawers, closets, cupboards, and other places where you have other belongings.  Pan your camera slowly into each drawer/closet/cupboard to get a good inventory of what you have there.  This will be helpful when compiling a list of what you owned and approximate costs for insurance.

Step 4
Once you are finished with your video, you’ll want to make sure the tape is somewhere safe.  This could be a friend or family member’s home or, better yet, a safe deposit box located at your local bank.  This way, if something were to happen to your home, you still have your important inventory video.


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