Oppose HR848 and save Black Radio!

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HR848 is a bill which will destroy black radio and remove it from our list of radio listening choices. This bill taxes radio stations based on the items played for their listening audience. HR848 will place a huge burden on radio stations in today’s economy. Radio stations will have to begin cutting programs that do not bring in a huge profit. Since the revenue from most black radio stations and gospel stations is small or nonexistent, they will be some of the first to go. The taxes gathered will then be sent overseas to the foreign companies which actually own our radio stations. If this bill is allowed to pass, here are a few of the many radio shows and personalities we will lose:

The Michael Baisden Show

Rev. Al Sharpton


Tom Joyner

No Limit Larry and the Morning Mad House

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

The Quiet Storm




These are just a few of the many people who will be put out of work, out of business, and out of their dream. The black voice in radio will once again be silent as it was 100 years ago. Many of the programs and services these companies provide to the community will come to a stop.

This will also have a similar affect on Latino radio stations as well.

We need to stop this bill, NOW! It will be voted on this week! Contact your Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen and tell them you oppose HR848 today!


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