An Overview of Bee Keeping Equipment

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To start a profitable beekeeping enterprise you need to get hold of some basic essential equipment. Prior to getting the phone call from the post office about the bees, you will need to put your equipment in place. The first thing to get is the beehive. You need to check if your beehive has five supers or not. Since the supers are the place where the bees will store their honey, you cannot neglect them. The supers must be arranged so that the bottom of the beehive is below them and the cover is atop them. Supers are not used just for storage of the honey, they are also used for raising the young bees.

Nine to ten frames will develop in each super as the hive reaches its full activity. You get both hollow and deep supers. The merit of getting a deep super hive is that you will need only a single size of foundation. You must be ready for the weight though. Carefully place your beehive on a flat surface so that it does not tip over when the wind gets too violent. It is best to set up your beehive someplace where it won’t be ruffled by pets or by visitors. A spacer can help you to maintain equal distances between the frames till the time they are within the super. The next piece of equipment you will need is a smoker.

With the help of the smoker, you can drive the bees out of the hive when you want to remove the honey. There is not much to speak about the structure of a smoker. The funnel, the combustion chamber and the bellows are the three parts of the smoker. For that reason, it is the professional choice as ignition substance in the smoker.Your smoker will work excellently if you use burlap in it because it ignites quite fast and produces profuse amounts of smoke after smoldering. Another option is to use dry corn cobs. The bellows will allow the fire that you light in the combustion chamber burning and the funnel will allow you to maneuver the fumes into the hive.

Your next bit of stuff is the metal hive tool. Your metal hive tool will come in handy when you have to pry the hive open, separate the compartments of the hive and for its cleanliness. You can describe this device by saying that this is the most all-purpose tool in the beekeeper’s kit. No beekeeper is ready to receive their shipment of bees until they have a bee brush. You will have to move the bees our of the way when you are observing the frames. A fumer board helps you to collect the honey from the hive. This drives the bees out from the super and you can take the honeycomb. If you don’t mind using used equipment you can find some great prices on beekeeping equipment on EBay. You can get all components you will need for beekeeping over the Internet.

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