How do heal emotional numbness?

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As personal experiences, I had been hurt several times, lost people I loved and got a lot of failures. I always felt like I already cried a river. I remembered I wallowed in the grief for a long time I couldn’t exactly imagine what happiness means. It felt drained and unfair because I believed I gave my all but the return is not on my favor, it was frustrating. There were days that I cannot find anymore reasons to wake up in the morning it made me felt empty and depressed. And all the things that comes my way seemed always wrong.

After few months, I felt different. It wasn’t pain anymore it was nothing or maybe that was what they called being numb. I felt blank and nothing when people appreciate me or give gifts I don’t feel touched. I felt that I don’t have feelings anymore. When men try to court, I don’t feel good with it I neglected them; I end up single for many months which is ok. One time I wondered why I felt dry. I mean I am still the same physically but I felt things are different. I think, act, and feel differently. I used to give gifts to friends and enjoy the feeling of being in the group but  it came up to the point that I rather be alone in the room and writing in the internet. Could this be the effect of pain in my life?

Have you ever felt this way? How did you manage? Here are great tips I can share which was effective to me.

a.) Have a desire to feel enthusiastic or alive before everything leads up to depression. Try to fake that your happy even if it felt unreal, in a few minutes you’ll feel bit happy. Maybe something to do with brain control.

b.) Meditation or guided meditation is very effective for mind conditioning. Since our brains had been trained to be sad and in despair everyday as we wake up, it feeds more negative feelings if we continue doing so but through meditation, a relaxation time is given to us to break out from negative thoughts.

c.) Excercise is a great remedy. It can increase happy hormones in ours brains and it makes us more creative while walking or running.

d.) Join a help group. When you are in a help group, you can be aware that there are other people who share same problems or even worst and you can get lessons from them.


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