Travel Destinations – Egypt

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Egypt is a great place to visit when you go for holiday. The tourist areas are fantastic with a wide range of sites to visit.

The most popular attractions are the following places to go:

The Giza pyramids which is one of the world’s oldest tourist attractions. In Giza, there are three main pyramids. There is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, The pyramid of Kafhre and the smaller Pyramid of Menkuara. A pyramid each belongs to a king of Egypt.

Over millions of people visit Cairo and they say it is beautiful, exotic and chaotic. Cairo’s interesting part could be the Medieval (Islamic) Cairo. Medieval Cairo has loads of mosques and churches. They have some major mosques there like the Mosque of Mohammad Ali and another mosque which is the oldest university in the world.

While visiting Egypt, you can also sail on boats which are called Feluccas. With these, you might want to go cruising through Cairo and Alexandria or even take longer cruises.

Pharaoh’s were buried in Thebas, Valley Of The Kings. Here you will also find a tomb which belonged to Tutankhamen. The tomb was discovered in 1920. And if you want to visit this tomb, you can do so but to see his treasure, you will have to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Now the weather! Well we all want our holidays to go as smooth as possible with great sites to visit and weather to be perfect. That is when we usually love our holidays. You can have the chance to visit Egypt when the weather is hot and suitable. But this is available during October through May. The temperatures range from 25 to 35 Celsius. But December through February is when it can get cold and wet. Swimming at this time won’t be a good idea either.

Make sure you wear clothes which aren’t heavy on you. It can very hot and sticky if you wear clothes which would make you feel very uncomfortable. Loos clothing should be worn. Also, maybe a pair of sandals as the ground can be hot which would sting your feet.

Do keep in mind that when I mean loos clothing, please do not wear shorts as they could attract unwanted attention to you. Egypt is a Muslim country and like Islam forbids these types of clothing for both genders. Just make sure you wear something suitable.

So here we have some information for you and your visit. I hope you found this article useful and do take the information on here carefully. There is quite a bit to remember but you should get the hang of it!

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