Learn About Diamonds & the Smartest Way to Buy Your Diamond

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DCLA teaches about diamond grading and diamond buying at a hands-on Diamond Workshop; register now for a 2-3 hour course before buying your diamond.

DCLA diamond experts will walk participants through the steps of grading a diamond for quality, and how to buy a diamond, during a 2-3 hour in-house workshop located at the actual DCLA Laboratory.

Tentative dates for next workshop:

Saturday May 30 9:00am
Thursday May 28 5:00pm

Date for next diamond workshop will be confirmed upon your registration.
Call DCLA on 1300 66 3252(DCLA) to reserve your place. Spacing is very limited.

Diamond Buying workshop topics include:

•Detailed explanation and hands-on evaluation of the 4C’s of diamond grading. Participants will take part in the grading process to learn how the quality and value of a diamond are established.
•Choosing the diamond shape, size, and quality right for you
•How to shop for a diamond and questions to ask jewellers
•How to read, understand, and compare Diamond Grading Certificates when shopping
•Explanation and identification of diamond treatments, and how they affect value
•Explanation and identification of synthetic diamonds, and how they affect value

Participants will have ample opportunity to ask questions throughout the workshop.
Again, contact DCLA on 1300 66 3252(DCLA) to register and reserve your place.

Cost of workshop: $88 incl GST**
**Credited against any diamond purchased on the DCLA Diamond Exchange


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