The Sport of Snorkeling

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Snorkeling is when a person swims below the surface of the water while wearing a snorkel and a diving mask.  Many tourists in the sport for sight seeing purposes.  Many people do not look at as a sport, they think of it as a leisure activity.

A snorkel is a rubber or plastic tube with a mouth piece attached.  When wearing a snorkel a person is able to put their face under water and still breath as long as the top of the snorkel is above the waters surface.  Some snorkels have a valve that allows you to be able to breath with a small amount of water in the snorkel.

There are a few safety tips that every snorkeler should know.  These tips are for a persons safety as well as marine life safety.  The most important thing to remember is never go snorkeling alone.  It is always safest to have someone with you.  A snorkeled should pay attention to the tides and be familiar with the area they are in.  A person should be very cautious around coral.  Coral can cut a persons flesh and people can also damage the coral.  A person should always avoid sea creatures.  When a person enters the ocean they go into the sea creatures habitat.

There are many places for people to go snorkeling.  Many people enjoy going snorkeling in the Red Sea.  The Caribbean Islands is another popular place to go snorkeling.  Australia has many places for people to go snorkeling.


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