Learn R.E. GCSE in a week (Short Course). Day 2

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Day 2

Matters of Life and death – This is the second section we will be learning and is all about religions views on Life after death, abortion and Euthanasia.

Life after Death

Christian Views – Christians have two views of the after life, which are “Resurrection of the body” and “Immortality of the soul”. You will need to learn both of them and why they believe in them.

  • Resurrection of the body – is the belief that after you die and buried your body will be raised at the end of the world. Many Evangelical Protestants believe this and that true Christians will go to Heaven and everyone else will go to Hell. They believe this because it is what St Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 15, Jesus’ body rose from the dead and it is part of the Christian creeds.
  • Immortality – This is the second belief of life after death. It is the idea that the soul lives on after the death of the body. Many Christians believe this compared to resurrection of the body. They believe that the soul is immortal and lives on in Heaven. They believe this because Jesus said the criminal on the cross would be sent to paradise after death, communication of Saints show that the living can talk to the dead and near death experiences show the immortality of soul.

Jewish Views – Jews also believe in Resurrection of the body and immortality of the soul and their teachings teach that life is a preparation for a future life. Jews are unsure what life after death will be but they call cemeteries the house of life shows that God will look after them after death. They think this because there are teachings about it in the Tenakh and Talmud and are one of the 13 Principles of the Jewish faith.

Also it gives Jews meaning of life and explains paranormal.

Other Views –  Some people do not believe in a life after death because all evidence of life after death is in holy books which contradict each other, no one had returned from the dead and science shows that when the body dies so does the brain.


Law – There is a law saying that it is legal to have an abortion if;

  • The mother’s life is at risk.
  • The mother’s health is a risk.
  • The child is to be born severely handicapped.
  • There would be a serious effect on other children in the family.

Christian Views – There are two different Christian views on abortion.

  • Roman Catholics and many Evangelical Protestants believe than all abortions are wrong. They think this because there are Christian teachings on the Sanctity of life, god created life so abortion will be murder and they also believe that life begins at conception and abortion will be murder breaking the 6th commandment.
  • Other Protestants believe that it is also wrong but can be allowed if it is the lesser of two evils. They believe this because unlike Roman Catholics they do not believe life begins at conception, they believe it is their duty to remove suffering and when faced with two evils they should choose the lesser of them.

Jewish Views – There are also two views on abortion.

  • Some Jews think that abortion is always wrong because there are many passages from the Tenakh that say death and life are in god’s hands not ours and that abortion is murder.
  • Other Jews believe that abortion can be allowed if the mother is in danger, or there is problems with the babies health, this is because, there is statements in the Torah that say a woman is allowed abortion if the pregnancy threatens her life and some rabbis say that life begins when the foetus is able to survive outside their mothers womb not at conception.

Euthanasia – Euthanasia is a gentle and easy death for those who are in extreme pain, and is illegal in the UK. There are non-religious arguments for and against Euthanasia.

  • Non – Religious argument against Euthanasia is that a cure might be found for the suffers disease, doctors should be saving life’s not ending them and people might not be in there right minds when asking for Euthanasia.
  • Non – Religious arguments for Euthanasia is that life support machines cost and the money could be better used elsewhere, judges have said that doctors can stop treatment for the critically ill and many people think it is humans rights for ending your own life.

Christian Views – There are two views of Euthanasia that both say it is wrong but with different attitudes.

  • Most Christians believe that Euthanasia is wrong but switching off a life support machine is ok. They think this because of Sanctity of life so its not humans choice to end lives, that Euthanasia is murder but if someone is brain dead then they are already dead so switching off a life support machine is ok.
  • Some Christians believe any form of Euthanasia is wrong including switching off a life support machine. They think this because there are bible teachings that ban suicide and switching off a life support machine is still murder.

Jewish Views – There are two views of Euthanasia that both say it is wrong but with different attitudes, similar to that of Christian views.

  • Most Jews are against all forms of Euthanasia because the Torah bans suicide, they believe in sanctity of life and the Tenakh says that god is the only one who can give and take life.
  • Some Jews also think Euthanasia is wrong but switching off a life support machine is ok. They think this because some rabbis have agreed that life support machines can be switched off if doctors have agreed that the life has ended, if someone is dead their life has ended and if u are striving to keep someone alive you are preventing god from receiving their soul.

That is all for today, best learn is all by tomorrow which is Marriage and the family.

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