How to Make C Batteries into D Batteries

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It’s happened to all of us–especially us moms–your child wore out a special toy of theirs that takes ONLY D batteries. Your junk drawer in the kitchen, however, is inundated with C batteries. What to do? Make use of them! Here is a simple trick, using C batteries and some quarters, to make the most of your most useless batteries–and skip buying the D batteries for a while! 

Things You’ll Need:

C batteries


Step 1

First things first–you’ll want to pop off (or unscrew) the battery cover of the item you are changing batteries with. Of course, make sure not to break the cover–those are really hard to replace. 😉 

Step 2

Pull out the used D batteries. Now, place your C batteries in the compartments, making sure the positive and negatives are matched up correctly. 

Step 3

Of course, the batteries won’t touch the spring on one side. Here’s the fix: quarters. Yes, quarters. If you’re willing to part with some change (remember, you can keep it once you’re done!), pop some quarters in the empty space to help conduct the electricity over. 

Step 4

Now, put the battery cover back on and get back to playing! 

NOTE: The battery life will NOT be as good as a D battery, but will definitely do the trick in a pinch–and will make good use of all those useless C batteries. 🙂 

Sara Haley is a freelancer currently living in Nebraska with her husband and two children, along with numerous four-legged friends.  She writes for Bukisa, eHow, and her own personal blog at  She has written for numerous publications both online and off, and continues to enjoy sharing her knowledge and love for life with others.


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