How to Litter Train Your Rabbit in One Week!

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Sick of your rabbit kicking bedding all over? Are they making a mess out of the floor around their cage? No worries! Train your rabbit to use a litter box and cleanup will be easy and contained!! 

It’s a good idea to start your bunny off in an indoor cage in a quiet area of the house. To keep odors down, put down a thin layer of rabbit bedding (do not use wood chips, these can be hazardous to your pet!). 

Rabbits will generally favor a corner for their droppings and urine. While still young, most rabbits will not develop a pattern when it comes to their droppings. Don’t get frustrated if your rabbit is four months old and still hasn’t picked a corner–sometimes rabbits need to be about six months before they develop behaviors. 

Once you find that your rabbit picks a particular corner of the cage over another, sneak in a corner litter box with some rabbit litter (I prefer “Yesterday’s News” myself). 

Place some hay near the litter box to encourage them to sit, eat, and go. 

Reward with their favorite treats! (Mine LOVE Yogies! You can get them at most Petco stores. Encourage positive behavior, but do not punish them for accidents–this can be a huge step backward in the litter training process. 


Don’t get frustrated–some rabbits take longer to train than others. My two rabbits trained within days, and they were around six months before I started. 

If your rabbit/s pick more than one corner, place a litter box in both corners and let them get used to the corners. Once the rabbits are used to going in the litter boxes only, remove one and see if they use the only one left. If not, put the other litter box in and try again at a later time. 

If your rabbits are having a hard time choosing a corner, you can help encourage by putting food or water in other corners. For example, in a four corner cage, you could put a litter box in one corner, their water bowl in another, and in the two remaining corners, you could put bowls of food, one with pellet food and one with perishable fruits or vegetables. Rabbits will generally not go where they eat or drink, so this could give them the encouragement they need to use the last possible corner. 

Don’t use cat litter in your rabbit’s litter box–this can seriously harm or kill your rabbit! 

Sara Haley is a freelancer currently living in Nebraska with her husband and two children, along with numerous four-legged friends.  She writes for Bukisa, eHow, and her own personal blog at  She has written for numerous publications both online and off, and continues to enjoy sharing her knowledge and love for life with others.


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