World’s Most Extravagant Toys: What Lessons Do They Teach?


Toys can be called children’s playthings, and they can be called their working instruments / tools. While playing with them, they also work by creating some of the most fantastic things dreamed up in their world of fantasy. In this world, fantasy quickly becomes reality and through the toys, they learn to manipulate, explore and discover their environment, thus sparking off new learning.


 What does a child learn from pushing or hauling a toy trolley? She learns more direct control over her gross motor skills.


Playing on the monkey bar, especially standing on its balance board, helps a boy to learn how to build physical agility and the quick response skills.                                  




Playing with the more educational toys like puzzles and musical instruments gives their creative and analytical skills a big boost, as they inadvertently receive valuable cognitive stimulation during this process.

Therefore, playing with right kind of toys is definitely beneficial to children’s emotional and cognitive growth. But how much should we spend to procure these toys that contribute so much to their development?

 Take a look at the cost and the size of the following toys.


1. The world’s most expensive hot wheels:

These Hot Wheels are the most expensive toy car in the world: Priced at $140,000; £72,000. Their glittery exteriors are made up of  23 kt. gold. Why not throw in some diamonds and rubies too?


2.The Most expensive Teddy bear.The cost: £43,000.00 making it the world’s most expensive available Teddy Bear. The highest price ever paid for a single one of these Teddy Bears was $193,000.00 USD. Why even bother to stop there?


3. The world’s most expensive game-boy is made of 18 K gold with a display screen that is surrounded by diamonds. This little toy will set you back a playful $25,000.00 USD. They will, however, toss in a case, the cables, and a few games for you. How generous?


4. The world’s biggest Jigsaw Puzzle, called: “Life The Great Challenge” It. Is comprised of 24,000 pieces.


5. The World’s Largest Yoyo is located in the National Yo-Yo Museum, in

Chico CA. It is in the Guinness Book of World Records, mainly because it actually works. It really, really works.


6. The world’s largest set of Russian nestling dolls. It contains 51 pieces. The largest doll is

1ft. 9.25ins (54cm ) in height. The smallest is 0.125ina (0.31cm)


7. The Wolrd largest permanent monopoly board. This monopoly is made of granite, and can be found in the park garden called the Discovery Meadow. It is adjacent to the Children’s Discovery Museum located in San Jose CA.. It’ covers an area of 930-sq. ft. The park was officially opened in 2002.

These toys, numbered 1 through to 6 are more like fancy, expensive gadgets rather than the useful toys like the first six, which serve the need of the children. But in their eagerness to make big profit, the toy industry and advertisers push these and many other extravagant toys by making them seem extremely wonderful and intriguing.

However, what valuable lesson do they teach? Nothing that the simple toys cannot and have not taught. Conversely, the lesson that they do not teach is how to be creative. They are highly sophisticated and very expensive, and as such, they leave the child very little room to recreate, or to convert them and come up with his own invention.

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