A Review of Star Trek

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Let me begin by saying I am a Trekkie/Trekker to the core and that I have had “issues” with this incarnation since I saw the first preview. There is no way I could have watched this film without finding fault with something. That being said this film is actually enjoyable.

My “issues”
The whole badly plotted fanfic approach – the whole gang is at the academy together in spite of the differences in their ages (which are redone), the Spock/Uhura relationship (Spock’s age is approximately 28 in this – Vulcan’s only get it on every seven years you know), Sulu and
Chekov already being assigned to the Enterprise; Captain Pike and Kirk being on the Enterprise at the same time; Spock’s mother being killed….the list goes on and on and on and on.

Thank goodness for alternate universes (another sign of a poorly plotted fanfic). This is the explanation given for all the wrong moves in this film.

The good part is that it actually works. The story pulls you in. The fast pace moves the story along and you are never bored. The effects are great.  The acting is good.  The actors are able to pull in the essentials of most of the characters in spite of the changed history.  Particularly effective is Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy.  From the moment you first hear his voice you know you this IS Dr. McCoy.

So…if you are a trekkie/trekker see it twice. Once to gripe about all the things that are wrong (and there are many) and once to enjoy.


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