Acer TravelMate 3002WTCi

Notebooks and slim with a thin layer wide super bright, high-performance, full connectivity, Battery durable, and affordable.
Discuss this notebook is great fun. Nearly everything you want from a notebook available in the TravelMate 3000 series is. From the physical, such as the design map, which forms thin, and light weight that make this notebook is ideal for users who have high mobility.
Keyboard on this notebook is quite comfortable to use. Button layout is also quite easy to recognize. Unfortunately, Home and End keys are placed on the same key with the PgUp and PgDn — you have to press Fn key together with PgUp or PgDn for it. Requirement due to pressing Fn key, you can not press the combination Ctrl + End to move to the end of the document.

Strong signal
Completeness connectivity is also a significant surplus this notebook. From Wi-Fi BG, IR, Ethernet, modem, and Bluetooth is available. Terrible, to enable and disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you only need to press the button. Button for Wi-Fi akan light yellow if active, while the Bluetooth akan blue when active.
To make this notebook is quite powerful in capturing signal Wi-Fi, Acer SignalUp technology provides the ability to increase the antenna. In the expansion, Acer also not forget to complete this notebook with the card reader that can read SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and MS Pro. Acer also put the USB port on the left and right notebook, so that makes it easy enough.
TravelMate 3002 WTCi screen is fun. What size is the width you can make work with two windows open documents at once, open the document or spreadsheet that long. Display the name given by Acer CrystalBrite screen that is commonly used on the top of the class notebook.

Good performance
Software that accompanies TravelMate 3000 series is more bearable. Acer includes a number of utility from eManager (including eSetting, ePresentation, ePowermanagement, and eRecovery), Gridvista, Cyberlink PowerDVD, NTI Backup Now!, And NTI CD & DVD Maker. Utility joined in eManager enough to help users who need assistance in setting business notebook, presentation (automatically set the resolution that is displayed when the projector presentations), energy management to make notebook power sparingly as needed, and backup.

Quite difficult to find the lack of this notebook, because it can be spelled featurnya very complete and very good performance. Resistance the batere also remarkable, especially Acer Battery at the same time give two: small 2000mAh Battery and Battery 4800mAh large. But, in addition to business Home and End keys, there are some things that should be corrected Acer. First, the position of discharge of hot notebook that is on the right hand side, just interrupt you for a gmar use the mouse to work. Second, the plastic casing that seems less solid.
This is one of the few notebooks that made me fall in love at first sight. In addition to match users with high mobility, notebook with full features and high performance is suitable for all people, because the price is affordable.

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