How to Update Your Resume without Getting Overwhelmed

Whether you are looking for a new job or just want to bring your resume up to date. You should not get yourself overwhelm on where you should start. Below I have outlined some practical steps you can follow to simplify updating your resume.

Start at Bottom – Start by adding any new skills you may have acquired in your present job like computer programs, training, and even awards. These can be valuable qualifications for your next job.

Review your oldest job – Look at your earliest job and ask yourself if it’s still relevant. Remember that you want to try to keep your resume only one page long. If this job is old and not relevant to your updated resume, then remove it.

Review your current job- Any new job responsibilities, projects, promotions need be updated into your current job. Keep the update small to one or two bullet points. You can always elaborate on them during a job interview.

Update your resume format – You may want to go onto a job search website and review some of their sample resumes they have online. Your resume appearance may be outdated and you may want to update its look so that it will appear more attractive to employers.

Check Spelling and Grammar – Always check and double check your spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Your resume is a direct reflection on your writing abilities. Have someone else read your resume and critique it for you. A second opinion can only help and you may get some useful suggestions.

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