How to Find the Perfect Dress

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1. Know the Occasion. Which occasion do you plan to wear the dress? Or, what’s the dress for? Is it for your birthday? A friend or relative’s wedding? Christmas? Ordinary get-together? Knowing the kind of event you are going to attend would greatly help in determining the kind of dress you buy. If it is a ’strictly formal’ event then you need something that fits that category. The gneneral rule though is that if the event is held in the latter part of the day (from 6pm upwards), it usually means more formal. Dress with dark colors are often required for evening wear.

2. Know Your Strengths. In choosing a dress, it is important to keep in mind what your assets are. You should play up your strengths and play down your weaknesses. For instance, if your asset is your long jet black hair then find a dress that allows you to wear your hair down. A dress with a low neckline will allow you to do just that. Imagine if the dress has turtle-neck, then you will be force to tie your hair. If you dont know what your assets are then ask a trusted friend or your other half for insights. Knowing your assets could be more important than knowing the latest trends or designs.

3. Pick a Color that Flatters You. You should choose a color that fits your skin tone or your eyes. Dont just wear black at evening gathering. Try other colors too. It doesn’t hurt to experiment. As a rule, dark colors are worn at evening gatherings while light or soft colors are worn at daytime.

4. Choose Classic Styles. Sometimes following the latest trends is not advisable especially if the style does not fit you. If the latest trend is on tight-fitting clothes and you are on the bigger side, it would not be good to wear them just to be fashionable. Instead, invest on dresses with classic style. A simple A-line black dress never goes out of style. Black or white pants are also classic must-have’s. You can never go wrong with these choices. If you want to play it safe go with the styles that are long-lasting. It would not be good if you look at your birthday photo 10 years ago dressed in something you don’t want to see.

5. Spend within Limits. In buying the perfect dress, don’t overspend on a single dress. It is good to have an idea beforehand on how much you should spend for the dress. Have a budget and try to stick to it. You don’t want to pay for a dress that you will not likely wear or will be out of fashion six months from now.

6. Dress your Age. Choosing the perfect dress requires that you dress your age. It will be fashion suicide to dress like a teenager when you’re way beyond your teen years. For instance, if you’re in the early 40’s, wouldn’t it be better if you dump the leather mini skirts or very tight jeans out of your wardrobe? It’s okay to wear something out of the ordinary at times but not every time. Growing old is a blessing. So don’t be afraid to wear something that fits your age. It is not only fashionable it will also make you look respectable.

7. Go with Your Gut. Okay, so you’ve map out a carefully, fool-proof plan to choose the perfect dress. The next part and the most important one is actually buying the dress. When shopping, it would be best to just let your instincts decide. Don’t over analyze everything so much so that when you finally get the chance to choose, you freeze. Follow the gut feel. It is good to set aside any prior misconceptions and just let your instinct take over. If you find a dress that makes you feel excited then that is the time to let your intellectual side take over and analyze the dress. See if the sytle fits you, if the color flatters your eyes or complements the skin tone, if it is within your budget, if it shows off your assets. If you answer ‘yes’ to most or all of the questions then chances are you found the perfect dress.

8. Glam Up. No doubt about it, accessories could add glamor to the dress. Earrings, bracelets, necklace, brooch, watch and rings are just a few of the things you can wear to match the dress. Try not to over accessorize though because it might end up unglamorous for you. Less is more. Bear that in mind. That is the quintessential rule of fashion.

9. Carry the Dress Well. Now that you found the perfect dress and you spruced it up with accessories, then it’s time to show your find. If you are able to carry the dress well, with the posture and bearing it deserves then you give it the justice it deserves. After all, finding the perfect dress is only half the story. The other half is how you project it.


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