How to Earn Additional Income

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It is always desirable to earn additional income whether it is the tough times or not. Having several income sources is good so that when one of them closes, you still have several options left. Don’t put your eggs in one basket so to speak.

1. Write for Bukisa and other revenue-sharing sites. This is the first step because anyone can do this. Anybody who has a computer, internet connection and ideas that is. You don’t need to be a book author or a seasoned writer to write articles. Just bring with you interest and discipline and you will go a long way.

2. Virtual Assistants. The best VAs earn around $30-50 an hour. Try or to search for VA jobs.

3. Website design. During tough times, the most likely marketing vehicle that companies will use to promote their products and services would be thru websites or online since it costs less than TV advertising for instance, and can be accessed by people worldwide. Website design and other online jobs like eHow could be recession-proof,if not, recession-resilient alternatives. So never discount the power of online jobs.

4. Freelance writing. You can contact bloggers who are too busy to update their sites and offer to write for them. Some eke out a living by promoting blogsites/websites in other sites.

5. Blog. There are many sites that pay you to blog. You can join affiliate marketing, pay per click campaigns such as the Google Adsense program, Shopping networks, Inline Contextual ads, Pay Per Post and other ways to earn.

6. Graphics Artist. If you know how to develop eye-catching graphics or make logos then you could earn a lot of money in this kind of business. Designing logos alone could keep you busy all throughout the year.

7. Develop your passion. Is there something you love to do? Maybe you are like my sister-in-law who loves photography. Or my brother who loves to play tennis. My sister-in-law now runs her own photo business and my brother runs his ebay store selling, of all things, tennis racquets.


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