Trace Unwanted Calls With This Method

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Write down the day and times you receive the annoying calls since at some point this may be good documentation for reference as a starter and continue with one or all the other options in this article. These are some of the easiest and most effective ways to stop annoying calls.


Immediately dial *57 when you receive an unwanted call. This is not a free service, but it will register at the unlawful call center at Verizon. You need to follow up with a call to your business office to further the process. You will not get feed back as to where the call is coming from until the process of tracing a call is complete. The office may suggest you make a further complaint to the police department.


Call the police department and ask for the appropriate office to make a complaint about harassing calls. Tell the department you have filed the requirement of registering the annoyance calls with your service provider. Provide all the information asked of you.


Call Intercept is a good alternative to keeping harassing calls at bay and or getting more information on the caller, since calls are screened. The cost less than $10.00 a month with tax included. This service forces callers registering as unknown callers and or numbers to speak their business or name before the call can get through to you. You have the ability to listen to the voice and accept or reject the call. This will work with every phone call including those coming from cell phones.


Set up a pin number if you decide to use call intercept. This number can be given at your discretion to friends and family members whose numbers come in as blocked ID.


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