How to Treat Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea could be fatal. This condition is when you stop breathing for several seconds to minutes when you sleep. The resulting effect of sleep apnea could be as mild as sleep deprivation to serious health problems such as heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke or worst, death. It is important to treat the condition before it gets worse.

1. Lifestyle Change. Changing the way you live could alleviate sleep apnea. Trim down – lose weight is one way to do that. Excess weight could obstruct the airways causing difficulty in breathing while you sleep.

2.  Stop smoking. Don’t take sedatives. Avoid alcohol. These are but a few of the substances and things you should avoid if you have the condition. 

3. Sleep in a more upright position so you can breathe easily. Put a pillow under your head.  One pillow is         enough. Don’t put too many pillows or you will end up with a stiff neck. This will elevate your head and chest area making air flow freely to your lungs.

 4. Apnea Treatment. If lifestyle change will not work, a CPAP machine may be necessary. This machine delivers air to your lungs using a mask attached to a special machine. For more info on CPAP, please inquire from the doctor. He could explain to you the machine in more details.

5. Surgical Treatment. Sleep apnea could be caused by excess tissues in nasal passages or throat. Removal of these tissues by surgery could cure the problem.  You should approach the doctor for advice regarding this matter. As in anything else, the best person that could help you in any medical condition is your doctor. 

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