World’s Glossiest and Prettiest Mushrooms

There are so many different types of mushrooms – there are species that are colorful, some species have

repulsive or stinky odor, some are use for medicinal purposes, some are unique in shape and as food –

numerous are edible and many are inedible or poisonous.

Parrot Toadstool (Hygrocybe psittacina)


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Is it your first time to see a green mushroom? This glossy species that has a one-of-a-kind coloration is also

commonly known as the Parrot Waxcap. It is found across Northern Europe and has two subspecies; the H.

psittacina var. psittacina and H. psittacina var. perplexa. The bright green color of this organism is not due to

chlorophyll; fungi do not possess this chemical.


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Despite its small size and being coated in a sticky substance, Parrot Toadstool is often listed as edible in

mushroom guides. However, consumption of over 20 specimens in one sitting can cause gastrointestinal


Shrimp Mushroom (Russula xerampelina)


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The Shrimp Mushroom also commonly known as Crab Brittlegill is a beauty to admire. It can be found in Europe

and North America and appears in coniferous woodlands in autumn. Their caps are colored various shades of

wine-red, purple to green. It is one of the most highly regarded Brittlegills for the table – the taste is mild. The

young caps are said to be superb stuffed with any suitable ingredients, and are rarely maggoty.

Golden Waxy Cap (Hygrocybe flavescens)

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This mushroom looks so lovely. It is photographed by Ron Wolf in Portola Redwoods State Park California.

This mushroom species can be yellow to orange in color. It has a convex to flat cap and a thinly sticky stem.


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Scarlet Waxy Cap (Hygrocybe punicea)


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This colorful fungus is also sometimes called Crimson Waxy Cap, an edible mushroom of Europe and North

America. This flaming and glossy species of mushroom looks like on fire and can be nicknamed “mushroom

fire”. It is the largest member of the genus Hygrocybe.

Slimy Spike-cap (Gomphidius glutinosus)


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This mushroom of Europe is amazingly unique. I just love its wonderful colorations. It is simple adorable and

captivating. Initially, are completely covered with a slimy veil, breaking through to reveal a grayish or brownish-

capped mushroom that resembles a child’s top. It has a mild flavor well-suited for cooking with other mushrooms,

and in soups and stews. It not suited for drying. Removing the slime and skin of the cap is recommended as soon

as possible after picking.

Bovine Bolete (Suillus grevillei)


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This glossy, brilliant and edible fungus is also called Larch Bolete or Greville’s Bolete. The species has a ring or

a tight-fitting annular zone. It has a thin meat which has consistency at first but then quickly becomes soft. It grows

in the soil of mixed forests, always at the foot of larch with which it lives in symbiosis.

Amanita muscaria guessowii


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This species is not as glossy as the other species on the list but I just thought that Amanita muscaria guessowii

deserves a spot on the list for its adorable beauty and brilliant yellow coloration.

Witch’s Hat (Hygrocybe conica)


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The cute-looking, colorful and glowing Witch’s Hat is also called Conical Wax Cap and Conical Slimy Cap. It is

found across northern Europe and North America.

Bolbitius vittelinus


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Not so bright and not so glossy but it can be considered attractive still. Bolbitius vittelinus is a mushroom which

is thin, Mycena like, with gelatinous cap surface. It lacks a veil and tends to be found growing with grass.

Slippery Jack (Suillus leutus)


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This sticky-looking but glossy and edible organism has a white stalk with a distinctive ring and an often slimy

brown cap, earning it the name Slippery Jack in North America. It is also commonly called Sticky Bun because

if it’s dry the cap is sticky. It is advice that the slime coating should be removed because it may cause indigestion.

It is considered a delicacy in Russia where they are frequently marinated.

Conocybe tenera


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Will you agree if I say that brown is beautiful? For me, it’s beautiful because it’s the color of the Malay race where

I belong. Brown is one of my favorite colors because it is the color of humility.

Scarlet Hood (Hygrocybe coccinea)


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The lovely-looking and shiny and edible Scarlet Hood is also commonly called Scarlet Waxcap or Righteous

Red Waxy Cap. It is a colorful species found across the Northern Hemisphere from China and Japan to Europe

and North America. The small bright red mushroom is a familiar sight in unimproved grasslands in Europe in late

summer and autumn, and woodlands in North America in winter.

Cortinarius archeri


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This pretty and shiny species of mushroom is commonly found in many eucalypt forests in “the land down under” –


Rosy Spiky-cap (Gomphidius roseus)


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Pretty in pink! The Rosy Spike-cap of Europe is also commonly called Pink Gomphidius. It is a coral pink-capped

mushroom which appears in pine forests in autumn, always near the related mushroom Suillus bovinus, on which

it appears to be parasitic. It is not toxic but it is of poor quality and hence not recommended for picking.

Calostoma cinnabarina


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Without the dirt that sticks on this organism it will surely look more beautiful and shinier. The generic name,

derived from the Greek kallos “beauty”, and stoma or mouth, reflects its red-colored, lip-resembling fruiting

body. It can be found in tropical, subtropical and temperate forest worldwide.

Vermillion Waxcap (Hygrocybe miniata)

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Red is truly beautiful. The bright and glossy Vermilion Waxcap can be bright red or red-orange and can be

found worldwide. In Europe, it is found in fields, on sandy heaths or grassy commons in the autumn. It is found

in rainforest and eucalypt forest as well as heathland in Australia.


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I found this glossy and colorful mushroom on the net but I can’t find its exact and specific binomial or common

name. This unknown species belongs to Hygrocybe and could be a Hygrocybe miniata.

Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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