How to Ward off Recession Depression

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1. Talk with friends. Have some time off spent with friends. Call them if you are free. Talk to them. Share laughter. Vent out your frustrations. Finding an outlet to unwanted feelings is a sure-fire way to ward off depression.

2. Walk/Exercise. When we are under stress, the body releases hormones to cope with the emergency. If we are continuously at stress or constantly worry or feel sad, there will be hormonal overload until the body reaches a breaking point. Exercise such as walking is the best way to release the toxic out of the body and maintain balance. This is the best way to handle depression.

3. Listen to good music. Fifty minutes of your time listening to good music will release antibodies, increase immunity making us better able to handle depression.

4. Indulge in massage. Massage has therapeutic effects. It ups the lympathic system that combats viruses and bacteria. When we are depressed, it is easy to get sick. A massage will help increase immunity to the sickness.

5. Have enough sleep. Sleep seven hours at least four days a week. Sleep helps increase immunity too.

6. Journaling. Write what you want to say without fear, your deepest secrets, your worst fears. Keeping a private journal will clear our minds from the pressures that haunt us daily.

7. Pray/Meditate. Prayer is very helpful in times of depression or extreme stress. You are availing of the greatest power in the universe when you pray. Praying wholeheartedly will enable you to release pent-up feelings, allowing you to get back into fighting form. If you don’t pray then at least meditate. This is a sure-fire way to reduce stress and keep depression at bay


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