How to NOT get killed on a Motorcycle – Motorcycle Safety tips for the new rider

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Motorcycle safety isn’t a ‘spectator sport’, it requires constant vigilance and attention to not only other drivers, but road conditions as well.  Even if you’ve taken private lessons or a good motorcycle safety course we can always learn something new.  Here are some tips to ride safe because motorcycle safety could very well mean staying alive.

Assume they don’t see you – ALWAYS

 “All the gear – All the time” – Make sure you dress for the crash, not the ride.  Wear appropriate gear!

Always assume any fluid you see on the ground is slippery

Don’t drink and drive, ever!

Look where you want to go – not at the pedestrians on the sidewalk

Never assume that a turn signal means a car is going to turn

Never assume the lack of a turn signal means a car isn’t going to turn

Don’t assume a car in a turn lane is going to turn

Turn off YOUR turn signal when you are done turning unless you want a car to turn in front of you

A pedestrian WILL cross your path when you are turning

Don’t ride over wet manhole covers, gravel, wet leaves or crushed plastic water bottles while in a turn

Know your limitations – If you feel uncomfortable at your current speed you are going too fast!

Watch the hood of the car looking to turn into your path, the hood will rise as he accelerates to make the turn

Cover the brakes as you approach an intersection 

Don’t ride in a cars blindspot

Dont ride in a trucks blindspot

Always have an out – know what you are going to do in an emergency, whether swerve or brake

Learn how to swerve correctly – Body upright!

Many of these are common sense, but if any are a surprise to you then you should visit for more motorcycle safety tips and additional information.  Remember, it takes years of motorcycle riding to become a great, safe motorcycle rider, but only one second to become a statistic.


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