Taking care of your Liver!!!!

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The Liver is the largest organ in the human body and it situated in the right upper quarter of the abdominal cavity just under the right lower ribs. Approximately a quarter of the blood of the body flows through the liver every minute. Like all other major organs in the body the liver receives a direct arterial blood supply via the hepatic artery.It is the most important cleansing rgan of our body, removing toxins, Impurities from our body. An inefficient liver causes toxic overload leading to liver damage, chronic inflammatory disorders, allergies, poor immunity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

Below mentioned are Tips for keeping your Liver Healthy:

*Avoid excess consumption of alcohol, fats, caffeine, excessive spices, preserved, packaged food and excessive salted food.

*Follow this simple detox program at least once a week, if you are suffering from sluggish liver. Consume only apple juice and lemon juice mixed with olive oil for the entire day, preferably on weekends.

*Kitchen Herbs useful for Liver are Curry Leaves, Ginger, Coriander, Garlic, Turmeric and Fennel seeds.

*Other useful Ayurvedic herbs are Manjista, Bringaraja, Katuki, Milk thistle ,Aloe vera, Bhumiamla, Guduchi.

*Regular intake of herbal diuretics like Punarnava, Gokshura are very good for cleansing toxins in liver.

*Arogyavardini is an Ayurvedic Preparation that is very beneficial to Liver. There are also other Licensed Herbal Medicines which serve as a good liver tonic.

*Metadoxine is useful for those suffering from fatty Liver, alcoholic liver disease, etc.

*Hepatobiliary medicines containing L-Ornithine aspartate, silymarin, lecithin, tricholine citrate, etc are very useful for liver.

*Drinking lot of water is beneficial as also buttermilk seasoned with curry leaves, dry ginger, coriander.


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