When you buy a computer.

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Computer is the most important thing today. It will be a part of your life now. All your job are using computer to make a documents, charts, calculating, summarizing, sending mail and so on. But before you are buying a computer please consider about a few thing.

All this is very important to you to ensure all computers that you bought is save and can use for the long time at least 4-5 years.

 1)      Price – Do some survey of the current price for computer market. You can ask a friend or person who have more knowledge about computer. Get them advice where computer shop or computer vendor  you should go to a get better price.

2)      Support – Consider about the support after you buying a computer. Support means, when you have any problem for your computer. How fast your computer shop or vendor able support when you have a problem.

3)      Warranty – ask your vendor or computer shop detail about the warranty. Ask them how long the warranty that they give to you. Is it one, two or three years. What the hardware that included on the warranty scheme. Is it you mouse, keyboard, LCD, speaker is included in the warranty also?

4)      Software – Ask them what the basic software they installed to your computer. If they promise you that they will install the Microsoft Office, Antivirus and so on. Ask them how about the license that you have. All this kind software is separately license. One more thing the Antivirus. Normally computer shop never told you about this. They install the antivirus with the trial version. Maybe you can use only 3 weeks, 1 months or one year.  So after that you will prompt out to purchase the antivirus.

5)      Memory – Do not too exited buying computer with the cheaper price only. Consider about the memory or RAM you have. Memory is very important while you using your computer. Less memory will slow down your computer. Here some info that you need to take care about it.

If your computer running on Windows XP- minimum RAM is 512MB.

If your computer running on Windows Vista – minimum RAM is 1GB. 

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