Ways to Make Money With Your Unwanted Stuff

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For a quick and easy way to get rid of clutter, have a garage sale. If your neighbors are willing, hold a multi-family, neighborhood garage sale. This will encourage others in your neighborhood to come out and shop.

Go on Craigslist. You can sell both large and small items, and you can request that the purchaser come up and pick up the items, or pay a shipping fee.

Sell on eBay. You can sell your items individually, or if you have similar items, like a lot of clothes in a certain size, sell them as a lot. That way, you’ll only have to ship everything out once, and you’ll make all of your money at once as well.

For used textbooks or books, go to Amazon.com and sell them. Making even a small amount of money is great when it comes to books that you’ll never read again.

Consign your used clothes, jewelry, and handbags. Reputable consignment stores will take care of all of the pricing and selling, and all you have to do is wait for the check to come in.

Give your old clothing and other items to a charitable organization. You won’t make money immediately, but you can use this as a tax write off and save money later.

If you’ve got brand new items in good condition that you’ve never used, re-gift them. It may sound cheap, but if someone would really enjoy that new sweater that you never wore, it’s worth passing it along. You won’t make any money by doing this, but you’ll save money by not buying new gift items. Just make sure to give the gifts to people who actually want them. If your friend really dislikes the scent of Juicy Couture perfume, and that’s what you’ve got to re-gift, don’t give it to your friend.


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