Want to Watch Less Television? Get a Hobby!

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First of all, to limit the amount of television you watch, limit the number of TVs in your home. If you only have one television in a common area, it’ll be more difficult to hog the TV all day. Stick with one TV and you’ll find that you instantly watch less because you won’t always want to watch what others are watching.

After that, make a deal with yourself. Barter with yourself to earn television priveleges. You can say, if I exercise for one hour, I’ll earn one hour of television. It’ll motivate you to accomplish things so you can get to your TV.

DVR shows you like so you only watch shows that you like. It’s easy to zone out and watch TV just because it’s there, but if you can record shows you want to watch, you won’t feel the need to just stare at the TV when nothing’s on.

Get involved with a hobby. If you have something better to do, you won’t be able to watch TV as much. This will stop you from seeing new shows that you want to keep watching, and it’ll provide a new form of entertainment that you weren’t utilizing before.

A new hobby is a powerful tool to keep you away from the TV. Don’t have a hobby? No problem. Join a book club, weight loss club or gym. You’ll become motivated to finish the book or meet your weight loss goal, both of which will keep you away from the television. Plus, you’ll meet new friends who you can hang out with, and chances are, you’ll meet up to do things other than stare at a television.

Not into reading or working out? Why not volunteer or get involved with town politics? Both will keep you busy and have positive social aspects.

If you don’t want to have a social hobby, take up beading, quilting, blogging or writing. You can do any of those by yourself, and they’ll utilize more thought and energy than you’d use staring at a TV. Or, if you want to make the time spent watching TV worthwhile, write a blog or online articles about recent television episodes. This will allow you to enjoy your television shows, but then use the time spent watching TV towards a hobby.


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