Impending Financial Doom? – Some behavioral keys that you may have a credit problem

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These days lots of people are ‘talking’ about saving money and getting out of debt, but before we can even get serious about saving money and repairing our financial situation we just have to accept the fact that there is a problem.  This goes much deeper than just saying to yourself ‘I’ll be a little short next week so I better spend a little less for now’.  It requires action and accepting the fact that you are a slave to your own debts. 

Here’s a few tell tale signs that your credit card behavior is out of control and needs to be corrected now, before it’s too late and your only solution is bankruptcy.

See if any of these behavior queues sound like you..

  1. Do you sometimes put off paying a bill until payday, even if that means your payment will be late?  Do you not care about the late penalties?  Does an approaching payday only mean ‘more money to spend’ to you?  and do you convince yourself that you MUST have the item or service or whatever even though you really don’t?
  2. Do you sometime pay credit cards grey_loader.gifwith other credit cards? 
  3. When faced with a purchase you want {or must} make do you immediately go online and start applying for more credit cards? Is using savings not an option? 
  4. Do you buy things just to look cool or successful to your family, coworkers, romantic interests, etc…  and then resort to one of the above reasons to justify it? 
  5. Do you sometimes call in sick to work because you don’t have enough money left for tolls, parking, gas, bus fare or whatever? 
  6. Do you not care if a credit card has a yearly membership fee or 20% interest rate?  Is the only number you see on the screen the 300 buck credit line??  Yeah, done this too, of course you say to yourself ‘I’ll just pay the whole thing off when the bill comes..’  
  7. Do you just not pay a large bill so you can ‘catch up’ with several smaller ones?  Do you not care what happens to credit rating? 
  8. Have you put off necessary medical or dental treatment because you just can’t afford it? yet still order lunch everyday at 10 bucks a pop?  
  9. Have you not fed or taken care of your pet because you don’t have the money?  yet still go out with your friends?
  10. Have you seriously considered, or even taken payday loans?  Do you not care about the terms, only getting your hands on the money?

One recurring theme here is not caring about your credit report, yet turning to credit whenever you need money.    Take a look at the list above, are you guilty of any of this?  Do yourself a favor and be honest with yourself, and remember, it’ll only get worse as you pay interest on interest on interest.  For more money tips and advice visit  


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