Easy ways to Support our Troops During this Holiday Season.

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Once again the holiday season is upon us, with all the upcoming festivities and the weakening economy on everyone’s mind, it’s easy to forget our troops. No matter what your political beliefs or your opinion on the current conflict our troops are engaged in, it’s important to remember one thing. They are people too; young American men and women who, for whatever reason, have chosen to serve our country. Please take a few minutes to show your thanks and appreciation for their sacrifice for us, and our country.

Visit www.americasupportsyou.mil. There’s a link right on the front page where you can send a simple message of support to our troops. It only takes a few moments of your time and it’s free.  Remember this is FREE, it only takes a moment of your time.  If you can’t send a care package or other items, at least try to do this, you’ll feel better and so will our troops.  Now, on that very same site you can navigate to the support group page to donate stuff. Did you know you can donate old computers and frequent flyer miles to our troops. Donate your old PC so our troops can check their email and communicate with loved ones. Remember, a few unwanted items from you and our neighbors can make a real difference!

Visit the USO at www.uso.org, we’ve all heard of the USO, maybe our parents told us stories of their USO experiences during WW2, well they are still around and doing great work for our troops. Here you can donate some money, or if you have time you would like to donate, find local groups where you can volunteer. The USO has always been very important to our troops, back then, and now.

Another site of importance is www.soldiersangels.com, from this site you can visit literally hundreds of organizations that offer services for our troops. Everything to donating calling cards so they can call their loved ones during the holidays or sending baked goods and even taking care of a soldiers pet while he or she is deployed. Lots of good sites here where i’ m sure you’ll find some way to help.   There are organizations where you can donate old, unused canes for our wounded troops, another organization sets up pet sitters for troops on deployement.

Whatever your budget or situation there is something that you can do, from donating unwanted ‘junk’ to just sending a quick message to a young soldier deployed overseas.  Feel good about yourself this holiday season, Support our Troops!   


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