Pet Care during the Holidays – Hazards to your Pet Kitten or Pet Puppy

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Be wary of ribbons and tinsel.  Pet cats and kittens love this stuff, in fact, they find it almost irresistable due to the shininess and string like look.  The tinsel can be ingested causing excruciating pain and possible intestinal blockage resulting in an emergency vet visit.  Try to limit your use of these decorations especially if your pet cat or kitten is a climber.

Electrical Wiring is not only dangerous to yourself but a teething pet puppy can chew through an exposed electrical cord in no time risking shock or even electrocution. Make sure you tuck the cords behind furniture, or, even better, tape them to the floor or cover with cable covers which are available in most office supply stores. Hey, we all love chocolate, but don’t leave a bowl of chocolates on the table for guests or Santa, since it is poisonous to many animals. Believe it or not, the less sweet the chocolate is, the more dangerous it is. Chocolate poisoning may cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, hyperactivity and increased thirst, urination and heart rate. Get a covered bowl and keep it covered if you must have it on the table

Christmas trees are a staple in many homes during the holidays, but not only do they instill great cheer but are also a hazard to curious climbing pet cats pet kittens as well as mischievous dogs. Also, be aware that the water for fresh trees may contain fertilizer and bacteria that can be harmful to your pet. Make sure you cover the water with a plastic bag and tape it down. Make sure you secure the tree to the wall if you have a ‘climber’ running around. 

When the snow is piling up and it’s icy outside many of us spread salt around, well salt and other ice melting products causes irritation to a pet puppies paws. If they must walk on this stuff clean your dogs paws when you get inside, or, better yet, get some booties for the little guy.

Remember, holiday pet care isn’t a spectator sport, you must be diligent, pay attention to your pet cats or pet dogs behavior and most of all be proactive.  Covering the chocolate bowl AFTER you find chewed up wrappers on the floor is too late.  Also, it’s probably a good idea to get pet insurance as well, you never know when an emergency vet visit might be necessary.     visit http://www.puppymom,net for more info.


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