A review on the Dodge Interpid 1994

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It has come to my mind that people look things up online and learn about them before buying an item. This statement is very true about a car. I feel that this is very imporant part of being a wise consumer. Look and research before you buy. This is my review on the car a 1994 Dodge Interpid.

Even though I no longer own this car this to me was a awesome car. It had plenty of room, I could fit five good sized adults in my car without a problem. I liked the sporty look and feel it had as well. Gas wise it was not too bad on that either. Although I feel it did better on the highway than in town driving. As far as matience on this car, I only put about 300.00 worth of work into it over the course of about three years. Also when I bought the car used, I only paid about 1200.00 for it. I was very pleased with the way the previous owner had taken care of it.

Now I know there were some issues that I need to bring up in order to not be like “oh this is the best car ever”. First I know that it has been stated that these cars are known for having the transmissions going out. I never had any problems with that myself. There might have been some recalls on the car as well, I myself are not aware of any of this but do reasearch on it for yourself. Another downfall that I must state is the view for the driver is not at it’s best. With a big front end giving the Dodge Interpid it’s sporty look can cause some sight viewing problems. But once one is used to this, it is not as much as a problem.

In closing I believe that this is a great used car to buy. As soon as I am able to buy one under 100,000 miles I will be buying on again. Thank you for reading my review on the 1994 Dodge Interpid.


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