Should parents without a degree homeschool?

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My personal answer to the above question is a resounding NO! And I say this because there are people who have taught themselves to read, and once a person can read they can learn anything.

That said, I also do not mean that we should try to reinvent the wheel, and I am sure that most people will continue to be educated in schools, but schools also cause problems that did not exist until compulsory education became a buzzword.

Again, I am not saying that everyone should not have the opportunity to learn, however I am saying that by institutionalizing learning we create a social problem. Governments seem to think that they are the only they are capable of training children.

Many great people were home schooled, most of them if not all, by people who had no degree whatsoever. Since we are where we are today because of them, how can we today say that only people with degrees can teach? I am sure a mother of three knows more in the field about children than those with doctorates in education.

Another thing that I disagree with is keeping children sitting for so many hours. No wonder when they get home they continue to vegetate in front of a TV.

To return to my original argument of not needing a degree to home school. The most important thing a person has to learn is to read. While learning to read one should also learn to count. Multiplication tables should be learnt by heart, whether politically correct or not. If a person does not know them by heart, they are dead in the water, and a parent can definitely teach them without a degree.

Again, as I said in the beginning, most people will continue to attend regular schools, but schools need to be reformed. Most classrooms today are only 30 unsocialized children who according to the anti homeschoolers, are the ones who will “socialize” your child.

Is this really what we want? At what other time in those children’s lives will they be called to sit thirty in a room for six hours a day with only their peers as in school?


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