How to increase earnings with Buksia

 Write about the things you know about first, that way less research more articles in less time.

  • Share with family and friends that like to be online, direct them to your profiles online.
  • Link any articles that you have wrote that way they can have more exposure.
  • Here are some places where you can network online;

– Myspace

– Facebook

– Forums ( make sure that it is allowed depending on the forum.)

– Ebay profile

Now also here is another tip to increase earnings, There are many social networks online to get more exposure too. To name a few Digg, Stumble, and Delicious.  Now also I would like to share a few articles that I have wrote for eHow that might help if you think that working from home is something that is of intrest.

First I wrote an article about opening a Paypal account view that here I reccommend reading this first this is a need when working online with most of the article websites. Helping others learn online is what I love and I feel great about teaching others help them selfs.

Another tool that will help is word count tool. I have wrote an article on this as well A great tool to use when you are asked to write a certain amount of words in a article or story. This is free and all you will do is copy and paste what you have wrote and it will count how many words are there.

So in closing if you use a few of my tips in this article I believe this will increase earnings with Buksia for sure. Keep writing and please come back to view my other articles here on this site as well as on eHow. Thanks.

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