Finding beads and supplies for homemade beaded jewelry

When you are looking for beads and supplies for your homemade jewelry projects, you will discover choices that can fit your tastes are not lacking in the marketplace, from more commonly used plastic and metal beads to high-end Swarovski crystals. All of them are made in a wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Though, never should you be limited to what can be found from craft vendors, because I am sure there are far more ways to finding beads and supplies than merely buying them from shops. To add a personal touch and characteristics to your jewelry, jump into your nearest treasure caves.
One of the possible treasure caves is your old beads and jewelry. Once in a while, I would have my jewelry box digged inside out and look for beads which can be used with new beads to create something completely different. One of my favorite pieces, a delicate pink glass pearl necklace with a six-petalled flower pendant, is made in this way. The pink round crystals on the beaded strand are a gift, which I get years ago, from my sister. The crystals match other beads perfectly and make the necklace’s appearance unique.
While beads are one of the most direct sources of jewelry supplies, you can surely try other materials to make your jewelry pieces special. For example, buttons, ribbons, lace fringe, rags, and colored strings from your old clothes and accessories are things you can turn to. I am keeping a golden organza ribbon which I got from my friend. I cannot think of a good way to use it at the moment, but I believe it can be of use in my future try. Another treasure of mine is a ribbon assortment which I collected throughout the years. Although it may not seem to be of much value, when used creatively, it brings surprises to me.
Another way to finding supplies for your jewelry projects lies in your household tool box. That may sound weird at first, but remember creativity is the essence of jewelry. With it, you can make the most amazing things, which you have ever made, out of the most ordinary. Think of the unused bolts and nuts without receiving the least attention in your household tool box, or the delicate Victorian style drawer knot, or even metal wires in different sizes. Yes, they look ordinary, but if you can think of a way to give them a second life, you are not only being creative, you are also being environmental-friendly for saving the earth.
Your choices for beading supplies are limited. Be open and try!

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