India – The Land of Diversity

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gatewayofindiagk7.jpg India is the current tourism hot spot. The other epithets added while referring to the nation include ‘Destination of the Millennium’ and ‘Land of All Seasons’. The natural beauty and cultural diversity of the place beckons and echoes a rich tradition. The people are known for their graciousness, warmth and hospitality. This is a land where the guest is God. India flaunts with equal grandeur bays and beaches, desert and mountains, enigmatic green valleys and backwaters. The land is synonymous with unique art forms, festivals, heritage sites, forts and architectural marvels such as the Taj Mahal. The exquisite flora and fauna of the land and the legendary traditions of its people are unique in all aspects.


Diversity: The peninsular subcontinent is the classic example of Unity in Diversity. While the land is cupped by the lofty snow capped Himalayan ranges in the North, she is bathed by the Indian Ocean in the South. While the coastline designed by the meandering Arabian Sea outlines the West, the Bay of Bengal and the awesome Sunderbans sparkle along the East. India is a haven of tourism and the tourism boom and open sky policy now being followed have listed her among the Top 5 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in the World. India delights every visitor as a wealth of sights, home to over a billion people who speak fifteen hundred different languages and thrive on diversity. From thatched roof mud huts to mansions, you can see it all in India.
Visas: Tourism in India has great potential during vacations. There is a great influx of tourists from all over the world and tourist visas to India are not so difficult to access. The travel agents take care of all the documentation and the whole process is now completed online.
Travel: There are a number of online and offline resources and all travel agents who put together some great package deals for a visit to India. So, without a thought, and just a click away is your trip to incredible India. It is now very easy to just pack your bags and book tickets and get to India by flight or cruise liner. India is a storehouse of travel lore and legends that draws and inspires people from far and near.
Accommodation: There are star rated hotels and economic lodging options that you can choose from. In India, luxury and limp co exist. The special tour packages not only delight, but are very rewarding.


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