Avoid Getting Scammed Online

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If you’ve tried to make money online, you know how discouraging it can be to get scammed by a website.  I have been trying to make money online for about 6 months now and have already been scammed over ten times.  Many of these were by paid to click sites, but there are plenty of other scams out there.  Hopefully you have never been scammed before, but if you have just remember what to look for in a new site.

When you first get to a site, observe its homepage. One big sign that the site is not legit is a poorly organized homepage.  Here are the big things to watch out for:

  • Large font/Several different fonts
  • Asking for your email before you enter the site or before you have any information given to you about the site
  • Information that doesn’t match up
  • Words that are not spelled correctly

Professional sites will actually take the time to make sure that their web site is set up correctly and represented well.

 A very easy method in determining if a site is a scam or not is simply searching google with it. To make it easier, search the name of the site with the word scam. If somebody has been scammed by a certain site, chances are they are going to get the word out and you will be able to find it easily like this.

If you receive an email or go to a site that promises you thousands or millions of dollars, just take a step back and be realistic. First of all, never trust emails. There are tons of scammers from different countries trying to get you to forward money through your bank account. Don’t ever trust them, delete these messages before you even get a chance to read them. For websites, if an opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  If making money was so easy, wouldn’t everybody be doing it?  Also, if this person is making so much money then why do they need you? These are some very important questions to ask yourself. 

Finally, look for ways to contact the owner of the site.  This is not always effective, because some scam sites do have contact information to make them seem more legit.  This tip is mainly for users of pay to click sites and similar. Many scam ptc owners do not even bother to put their information out there because they won’t have the site up and running long enough for it to matter.  They just want to see how many people they can take money from by promising hundreds of dollars through upgrades and referrals. If you don’t trust the site, don’t invest.


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