How To Shape A Perfect Bikini Line

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Women of all ages want that perfect bikini line. The bikini line is the area to the top of the pubic bone and the both sides of the pubic area. When women want to trim their bikini line they are often left with going completely bald or trying to shape the pubic hair without a guide. Freehand trimming can lead to a less than perfect bikini trim. Giving yourself a guideline for trimming is as easy as pulling up your panties.

Placing the Guide in the Right Spot

In order to ensure the perfect bikini line trim, women need only pull on a pair of underwear before waxing or shaving. It is important to pull the panties up tight on the pubic bone. The further up the panties are pulled, the more narrow the bikini patch will end up.

After the panties are pulled tight, the offending hair will spill over on both sides of the panty seams. These hairs are the ones that will need to be shaved or waxed for removal.

After Care of the Bikini Line

Three days after shaving or waxing it is important to exfoliate the area. When hairs are removed, small cuts or injuries are made on the skin surface. As these injuries heal they will trap dirt and prevent the hair from growing back normally. When this happens, razor bumps or blemishes will appear on the freshly groomed skin. Exfoliating the area removes the trapped dirt thus freeing the hair follicle to regrown the hair without the unsightly bumps.

Trimming the bikini line is an essential beauty treatment forany women. This guide can provide useful both for women who are trimming for the first time or for those who are trying to maintain their bikini area in between waxes.

Bikini line trimming is a delicate issue. If you choose to wax, make sure the wax is not too hot. Skin in the pubic area can easily be burned. If you are shaving, the razor should be new and sterilized.


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