Writing Contest Announced

Many small businesses are resorting to unique means to promote their companies these days. In a struggling economy companies are doing whatever it takes to be the go to place. Some small businesses, like Argyle Gifts, have found themselves in a unique situation of trying to open their doors in these rough times. While many people are pushing their dreams aside for the short term, Argyle Gifts is not taking a break. While their shelves are bare and there is no inventory on their website they are still trying to promote the brand.

That is why, on November 18, 2008, Argyle Gifts announced their first annual writing contest. This contest is a great opportunity for any up and coming writer. Write a short essay about anything relating to gifts or gift giving and enter to win $500. The winner will also have their article placed on the home page of ArgyleGifts.com and 5 runners up will enjoy having their articles placed in a prominent place on the website as well. For more information visit: http://www.argylegifts.com/Writing-Contest.html.

Argyle Gifts hopes that this contest will provide the exposure a new company in a rough economy needs. However, they will not stop there. It is expected that the company will announce several other contests in the coming months. It is speculated that there will be as many as 5 contests total: photography contest, video contest, poetry contest, recipe contest and possibly more. These are just a few ideas being tossed around.

Argyle Gifts expects to open their doors in early 2009 if this contest series goes well. If it does not go well, however, it may be as long as another year before they feel comfortable trying to enter the market. Stories like these are being seen all over the world. It should be fun to see what other unique marketing ideas these blooming companies conceive of.

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