How to Start a Successful Group on CafeMom

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First things first, you have to be a mom, and if you’re not already a member of then you’ll need to become one. It’s free and easy and should only take a few minutes. Go to and click “Join Now” on the home page. Fill in your information where it is needed and feel free to personalize your homepage. Think about the type of group you’d like to start.

Try not to pick something too narrow that there won’t be enough moms interested in your type of group. Starting a group on caring for your dog is great, but starting a group on caring for Dalmatians will narrow the amount of moms who will participate in your group. Search groups to be sure that there aren’t too many groups like the one you have decided to start. If there are 5 or more groups with the same idea then try to think of something that can set your group apart from the rest. Feel free to read into the other group’s introductions and guidelines. You could find the information you need to help your group or to be different. This way if moms are already apart of more than one group with this topic they still want to join your group because you offer them something that isn’t apart of their other groups.

To start your very own group, go to the “Group” page and click the “Create Group” button down the right side. Have a group name ready that is different then any other’s. You’ll also have to enter information describing your group. Try to be as descriptive as possible so when moms browse your group they will get a full understanding of what it is you’re trying to accomplish and what you’ll like to do within the group. If your group “Caring for Dogs” wants to help strays in animal shelters and possibly donate to shelters then be sure to state that.

Ask yourself, WHO is the group for, WHAT is the group or WHAT do you want to accomplish, WHERE is the group located (if you are narrowing your group down to a particular area), and WHY you started the group. Now that your group is up and running, here comes the fun part, making it a success. To be a success you first need members. Advertise your group with other moms on CafeMom. On your Group Home page under the Admin buttons, there is a button to “Invite Members”. Click there to ask other moms who are already CafeMom members to join your group. Be sure to add a nice description of your group, but not too long. You don’t need to be as descriptive as before.

This should let the reader know what kind of group it is, but make them want to check it out for themselves. Always add new posts to your group. Make them fun and inviting to group members. If your group is about “Caring for Your Dog” then by all means add posts about caring for your dog, but also add posts about fun things people can do with their pets, a place for them to post a picture of them with their pet, contests for cutest pet with a small prize, and so much more. Join similar groups on CafeMom, and even others that interest you. Add your group to your signature to add to your posts.

You can even go to websites like to make your own personal banner to add in your signature to promote your group. Be a part of the forums and add replies, adding your signature. The more posts you’re a part of, the more moms you’ll reach, but don’t just add your reply to get the advertising. Be real and genuine, this is the only way to get people to really like you and show a true interest. Ask your friends to join your group.

Send emails to your friends who aren’t a part of CafeMom to join the site and your group, and become friends with other moms in other groups and ask them to join your group as well. And last but not least, advertise your group on other sites like your personal blog, MySpace, Facebook, and any other personal homepage you may have. It’s that simple.


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