How to create a blog for free

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Blogging a way to express what matters and what does not. Many sites offer the chance to blog for free, although I would recommend to start first at The site is great for a newbie and it has Adsense in it’s application all set up ready to go.

If Adsense is a new word to you it is a product of Google and is used to placed ads on websites and blogs so you can make revnue from the ads. I myself am still learning Adsense but if you would like to use that as a earning avenue I would start with first.

Creating a blog may seem easy but it has to been done tastefully and not be filled with too many ads. New content or also known as posts are also an imporant part of a good blog. There are many sites that offer free blogs online I would start with blogger first that way you can get used to it before you start blogging elsewhere.

I have wrote a few blogs there and here are some of the blogs;  Take a look at them and leave comments below on this article and on my blogs. Join here at Bukisa and make money online sharing your ideas and thoughts and how to’s as well.  It may seem that making money online is not real but it is and you can. I also write for another site called eHow and I love it there as well. Here is my eHow articles as well


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