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The benefits of article marketing are numerous, but basically break down into two areas; generating interest from real people and increasing search engine position. Articles promotion is a wonderful technique to increase traffic to your website. Not only will submitting your articles to various targeted resources increase the number of links back to your website, but it will also extend your reach and increase your standing as an expert in your area of business. More people will be able to identify you as a good source of information if they find your articles interesting and helpful. They will be more likely to come to your website and see what else you have to offer.

Generating Interest from Real People

When you publish well written articles and content that is interesting and beneficial to readers, it leaves a good impression with them. They will feel that you are a helpful, valuable resource. They are more likely to trust the statements made by you that they read in the future. They will be more interested to seek information from you now and in the future. They are more likely to remember you, and do so in a positive light. They are more likely to read something that you have written simply because it bears your name. They are more likely to recommend that others read your articles and trust your statements. They are more likely to consider you an expert. They are more likely to do business with you if they consider you an expert in your field.

Increasing Search Engine Position

A very important part of your article promotion is the resource box. This is where you provide a brief bio and links to your website and resources. You can also place a few links in the body of your article, but some article directories will not allow that. Whether in the body of the article or in the resource box, these are one way links to your website.

Typically one way links carry greater effectiveness than reciprocal links when it comes to building your pages rank and increasing your search engine positioning. Reciprocal links are usually posted on a page containing numerous other reciprocal links. One way links like those on your articles will not have as many other external links on the page.

Create Great Articles

The better the articles that you write, the more effective they will be. Although our goal with article marketing is two fold, we must never let the desire to increase search position override the fact that articles need to be written for real people. To create a great article , it is vital to have a good title that effectively describes what the article discusses. It is important that the article gets to the point quickly. Keep personal anecdotes to a minimum. It is important to proofread, look for errors in spelling and grammar and edit your articles to develop the best final draft.

Relevance, Relevance, Relevance

It is important to post articles in places that they are relevant to the topic being discussed. Anything else is basically spam. Postings in off topic forums are not likely to be of interest to the readers there. It is also not going to receive much weight from the search engines and may even hurt your rankings. This does nothing to satisfy either of the purposes of article promotion.

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