Understand Why Dogs Chew

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Is your dog an avid chewer but for the life of you, you can’t figure out why? Are you at your wits end? Do you desperately want answers as to why he loves to chew so darn much? Well, in this article, I will teach you why dogs chew so that you can understand this problem behavior. Let’s begin.

Dogs love to chew because they’re dogs. Simply put, dogs love to chew. They will chomp and chew on just about everything and this includes socks, bones, shoes, and even furniture. In fact, many of them go into a “semi-trance” when they are chewing and tend to “zone out” because they are enjoying themselves so much.

Dog teeth are built for chewing. Dogs’ teeth are sharp, pointy and quite strong. In the wild, they use those chompers to tear into their prey. In captivity, these natural impulses don’t just leave instead you have to handle dog chewing problems by modifying their chewing behavior.

Dogs can chew for emotional reasons. Just like people who eat junk due to stress, dogs can be emotional chewers too. In fact, many dogs chew on household items when they’re upset, frustrated or just plain lonely. Chewing soothes and comforts them.

Dogs who are bored or don’t get enough exercise may chew to relieve stress. That’s right. Dogs who aren’t exercised enough will have built up energy and will need to get it out. They do this by chewing on everything in sight.

In conclusion, dogs chew for various reasons. Some of the main reasons are because they’re e dogs, their teeth are built for chewing, they may be chewing for emotional reasons or not getting enough exercise. By understanding why dogs chew, you can then work hard to eliminate this chewing behavior. Good luck!


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