Ibiza is the number on destination for young people

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    The life is a party on Ibiza, Spain. The streets shined with yellow lanterns are flooded with youth, pretentious transvestites, mannish lesbians and simply curious tourists who have arrived on island of free love for the first time. Here there is a special quarter for gays, and tattoos on all parts of a body can be done on open studios directly near to cafe and restaurants.

   Ibiza has the best clubs in the world. Three local clubs – Pasha, Amnesia and Privilege – infinitely compete among themselves, and Privilege is capable to contain simultaneously more than seven thousand visitors. Partying in clubs begins at 3 am. If you are lucky to get into Amnesia nightclub, you will experience the best foam party in the world, during which avalanche of foam is poured out on heads of crowd which have become insane from dancing to addictive electronic music played by the world’s best djs. Ritual traditionally occurs at a dawn, in six o’clock in the morning.

   At the end of hot summer and till the end of October tourists are flied to Ibiza. Here comes careless youth, as well as cinema and show stars, and representatives of creative bohemia. One hasten to “be delayed” in mega clubs, others – to spend unforgettable days on magnificent yachts and private beaches.  Here near world famous Cafe del Mar you can see crowds of guys and girls drinking wine, tequila, aperitifs, and cocktails and under a light music waiting until sun escapes from the horizon. The sunset at Cafe del Mar represents ritual, the main local event. Each “beginner” can join to see this most famous traditions of an island.

   There is only one tradition at island hippie. “Children of colors”- reckless and sexually free, left in 1970 to the public from here. Hippies have opened wide open doors of cafe where under a ceiling hang pink elephants and the barman pours one hundred alcoholic cocktails on a choice, and have gone towards to infinite love in sourish a marihuana smoke.

    Since then nothing changed on Ibiza: to this day people who go here are free from conventions and the prejudices which have been thought up by the world of upright people and the big money. People go to Ibiza not so much to soak in a warm sea and faultlessly well-groomed beaches, but to enjoy Ibiza nightlife, which doesn’t have competition anywhere in the world.

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