Blogging tips for new bloggers

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The best you can do if you were new to blogging is just to start with just one blog. For starter, create a new blog and try to focus only with one blog. You don’t even need to invest on domain name or hosting fee. Make use of free blogging platform such as or

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Before you start writing a topic, you must figure out what you are going to write about. A perfect blog post should always be packed with contents and encased with a powerful and captivating title. What makes blogging unique and make people more successful in blogging is that they are telling stories and connecting with somebody. If not, then the post will be guiding the audience on how to fix thing. Offering practical and workable solution to other people’s problem is a sure way of gaining followers. Try not to ramble about personal stuff like your pets or your personal life.

When writing articles, it is not important how long or short your content is, but it is useful for the readers and they benefit from spending a couple of minutes reading your content. One thing that you need to keep in mind when blogging, especially if you’re new blogger is to set a tone, set expectations and good education about online blogging. If you are blogging for professional purposes and make money from it, you have to write content that your readers can relate to, not writing just for yourself. Readers would also love to read about tips and guides.

Some tips to make your blog stand out:
1. Make blogs readable by posting good (quality) content. Focus on the “how”, “why” and “what” articles.

2. Before writing a new article, take a quick research on the topic you are going to write about. It is always good to provide references to support your statement.

3. Make a blog with readable design. A blog with white background with black text is more easier to read than blog with white text and black background. No uppercase text. The font must not be too small or too big.

People come to the internet for mainly two reasons:

1. People want to have their problems solve. Blogs provide second opinions.
2. People are online just to have fun and also to get connected.

Generally, blogging is all about writing content that will educate people, to solve readers problems and to entertain them.

And where do we go after that ? The sky’s the limit. Once your blog hit the mainstream, you will be able to easily monetized your blog and enjoy the constant monetary rewards. You could use those money for retirement or reinvest it in other venture. Think of Oprah Winfrey and imagine the millions she earned yearly once she became famous.


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