How to Have Church at Home

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Can’t make it to church? Do you homeschool your children? Or is it a snowy day and it is impossible to get outside? You can still have a Sunday church service at home even if you can’t make it to church. Religion can also be taught and learned at home even if you don’t go to a regular church service too.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bibles
  • Lesson material
  • Time set aside for church for your family
  • hymns or songs to listen to during your church service

  1. Step 1

    Gather your family together and decide on a time to have church at home. It can be set aside either for morning, afternoon, or evening. Decide on what time is best for everybody’s schedules.

  2. Step 2bible2_Thumb.jpg

    Organize your bibles and some lesson material together. Bring out a few hymns if you and your family would like to sing together. Also, use a notebook to write down prayer requests for when you have your family prayer during your church session. Decide on that your sermon or your main focal point will be for your service.

  3. Step 3

    Designate someone to be the leader, or everybody can have their turn during your church service. Decide if you would like to open up your service with a prayer, song, or even both of them.

  4. Step 4electronics_Thumb.jpg

    Turn off any electronic devices that may be distracting during your worship service. Turn of televisions, cd players, computers, and perhaps put your phone on silent until your service is over.

  5. Step 5familyPrayer_Thumb.jpg

    Gather your family together in the room designated to be your “church service area.” There is no certain way to worship together, as you can all do what works best. You are all praying together to praise your faith, and learn about religon together. Begin with a prayer or song, then lead to a bible study, and finally, your sermon of the day. Do what comes best to you and your family as you worship the Lord.


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