How to choose your baby’s shoes

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There are many things that you can buy for your baby at a low price such as supermarket brand clothing and second hand nursery equipment but one thing I would advise you to invest in is your baby’s shoes

Good shoes are expensive. But they are also an investment and it is critical for your baby’s physical development that their shoes fit correctly.

The bones in your baby’s feet are still very soft. If a shoe is too tight or too lose then your baby’s physical development could be affected. The biggest problem is that a young child is unable to tell you verbally if their shoes do not fit correctly – and they may not even notice, so at this stage it really is worth paying that bit extra to get it right.

Initially a baby’s footwear consists of a pair of “booties” or “soft shoes” but these are more for practical reasons such as keeping baby’s feet warm rather than for walking.

Once your child starts to stand, even with the help of an aid such as a baby-walker or “helping hand” you need to consider their footwear requirements.

Go to a well established shoe shop with trained fitters. Once your baby’s feet have been measured, try out few different pairs of shoes until you and the fitter are satisfied that you have found the best fit for your child. Shoes vary in style and cut and the shape of a baby’s foot varies too. Also a baby has to get used to a heavy shoe on their feet at the same time.

Finally check with the fitter when you should come back to have your baby’s foot re-measured as their feet will grow quickly in the coming months.


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